Hair color charts

I always wondered what was their hair color, so I found some shades that looked close enough ^_^

(Some of these names are universal, some are company specific)

Peter Jason Quill, he’s also known as Star-Lord.


honeymoon is an interesting term because an actual moon made of honey would imply space bees which is pretty horrifying


absolutely destroy the idea that you have to be loved romantically and love romantically

destroy the idea that the end goal of life is to get into a romantic relationship/marriage

romantic love isn’t a requirement to live life and it never will be


Ah, is this cute?? Accepts your love anyway tho.(~˘▾˘)~

 Thank you so much for the request! 


Fairy Tail Chapter 398 Reaction Part 2

The lesbians are strong in fairy tail. Erza can get any girl she wants, but all she wants 


My first instinct when I see an animal is to say “hello”.

My first instinct when I see a person is to avoid eye contact and hope it goes away.

There’s no point in a future built upon sacrificing Mirai Kuriyama. Despite having yelled that, here I am, accepting that future as I go through life. I bet that right about now, Kuriyama-san is saying, “Serves you right!” How unpleasant.